Assembly Members

An Academic Assembly is the supreme body of the Academy. The composition of the Assembly shall be as follows:

(a) Chancellor -Chairperson

(b) Vice-Chancellor -Vice-chairperson

(c) Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation -Member

(d) Twenty-Four persons nominated by the Prime Minister from amongst the outstanding persons related to the field of music and dance, having regard to inclusiveness and also in such a manner to have appropriate representation of women, as well -Member

(e) Secretary -Member secretary

An Academic Assembly of the Academy is as follows :

  S.N      Name                                                           Designation                    
1 Mrs. Nisha Sharma  Chairperson
2 Mr. Sambhu Rai  Vice-Chairperson
3 Mrs. Kusma Mahara  Member Secretary
4 Mr. Karna Bahadur Gautam  Member
5 Mr. Chetan Sapkota  Member
6 Mr. Bakhat Bahadur Hamal  Member
7 Mr. Daktar Rai  Member
8 Mrs. Tika Pun  Member
9 Mr. Hisan Bahadur Magar  Member
10 Mrs. Radha Rai   Member 
11 Mr. Puru Lamsal   Member
12 Mr. Binit Kumar Thakur  Member
13 MR. Surat Bista  Member
14 Mr. Maheshwor Sunar  Member
15 Mr. Kamal Mani Nepal  Member
16 Mr. Dilbandhu Yadhav  Member
17 Mrs. Kala Rai  Member
18 Mrs. Shanti Kathayat  Member
19 Mr. Hari Prasad Paudel  Member
20 Mr. Suraj Kumar Maden  Member
21 Mr. Tikaram Rai  Member 
22 Mr. Bishnu Moktan  Member
23 Mr. Dev Kumar Chaudhari  Member
24 Mr. Bhishan Mukarung  Member