Nepal Academy of Music and Drama is a prestigious institution established to protect, promote, and develop the vast intangible heritage like music, drama, and dance of Nepal, conduct study and research in music and drama genres, and make necessary arrangements for rewarding and appreciating scholars and talents in related fields.

Before the establishment of Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, the then Royal Nepal Academy (Literature) used to work in the field of literary works along with fine arts, music, and drama. With the establishment of the Republic of Nepal, the government decided to establish three different autonomous academies for three different genres and passed Nepal Academy act, 2064; Nepal Fine Arts Act, 2064; and Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Act, 2064. 

It has been established as per the Nepal Academy of Music and Drama Act, 2064 BS on the 10th of Baishak, 2067 (23 April 2010). The Chief Patron is the Honorable Prime Minister and the Patron of the academy is the Honorable  Minister of Culture, tourism, and Civil Aviation. Amber Gurung, the legendary musician, was the first Chancellor of the academy. 

Area of Work

  • Music
  • Drama and Theatre
  • Dance

The major objectives of the academy are:

  • to introduce Nepali music and drama to the world,
  • to establish music and drama-related libraries, museums, and theatres;
  • to organize and conduct national and international level seminars, workshops, conferences, festivals, competitions, and training;
  • studying, researching, promoting, and preserving original folk songs, folk dances, folk tunes, and folk music of different castes and communities as well as overall music and drama,
  • to reward and honor scholars and talents in the field of music and drama,
  • conduct research works by examining various aspects of the music and drama genres of Nepal which are moving toward extinction,
  • to produce the biography of music and drama-related legendary personalities for the purpose of research and documentation.

Organizational Structure

  • Academic Assembly
  • Academic Council 
  • Service Commission